BARBIE 50th Anniversary


Fashion Barbie

Barbie is celebrating her 50th anniversary. To commemorate five decades of Fashion and style Barbie is hosting a Runway show during Mercedes fashion week in New York City on February 14, 2009.

Mattel has asked fifty designers to create a look that embodies the Barbie style for this special and monumental occasion. The French born- New York based Catherine Malandrino will dress the iconic international symbol of American culture.

Barbie will walk the runway draped in the ultimate symbol of the American Dream – Catherine Malandrino’s acclaimed “Flag” dress.

About the “Flag” Dress:

Catherine Malandrino presented her Flag collection in New York in February 2001, draping her models in flowing dresses printed with the stars and Stripes and cutting iconoclastic notched T-shirts from the U.S flag. In doing so, she created a fashion show based on her American Dream and the cult movie “Easy Rider”. Like Jasper Johns in his days, Catherine reinvented the starry banner in her own style.

Her boldness seduced New York department store Bergdorf Goodman, which displayed the design in its windows on Fifth Avenue in September that same year.  With the trauma of September 11, the Flag collection seemed premonitory. During this difficult time, the Flag once again became the symbol of freedom. Consequently, stylists and A-list celebrities all wanted a piece of Catherine’s patriotic fashion show: Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone were photographed wearing the cult dress. Madonna wore the “Flag” t-shirt on her world tour and John Galliano for the finale of his haute couture show in Paris.

She recently reedited the eponymous dress in 2008 to honor her 10 year anniversary, Since its re-launch, the iconic dress has been worn by stars Heidi Klum, Kelly Ripa, and Meryl Streep.  A visionary image of an African American woman draped in the flag dress graces the cover of Catherine’s new book, published by Assouline.

The Zandra’s Rhodes’ Fashion & Textile Museum in London requested the iconic dress which has been part of a permanent exhibition since then.