Review on Malandrino Fall/Winter 2011


Malandrino Fall 2011: The Seventies are Here to Stay

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Malandrino: Catherine Malandrino didn’t have an elaborate backstory for her collection this season. It was simply who she is: Paris meets New York, and what that woman wears. Her 70s girl has dreams of hanging with Halston.

High waisted trousers in a multi-colored houndstooth pattern and pimpy (in a good way) chinchilla pieces and floppy chapeaus mixed with emerald, electric blue, and ruby jackets and dresses. Malandrino always does some elaborate leather cut-out garments, and there were several dresses sporting this signature of hers. Big statement necklaces with pearl, crystal, and enamel kept the collection firmly in this decade. A cropped ruby red jacket with leather trim was a standout and I kept drifting back to stare at it.

So no surprises from these two ladies, but the rich fabrics and colors made me long for fall. But not disco.

**All photos by Imaxtree.