Catherine Malandrino’s Iconic Flag Dress Featured in FIT Fashion & Politics Exhibit



New York, NY, July 16, 2009- The French Designer Catherine Malandrino’s iconic Flag Dress is featured in the Fashion & Politics Exhibit which opened July 7th at The Museum at FIT’s Fashion and Textiles Gallery.

Catherine Malandrino’s Flag Dress is presented in the introductory gallery of the exhibit, with the theme “American Nationalism.” The Flag Dress embodies the American spirit and was worn by many celebrities and socialites to express patriotism after 9/11. It was also re-launched in 2008 in response to the Obama presidential campaign. The dress has a diverse nature that transcends time, allowing all women to express their individuality in the American spirit.

About Fashion & Politics:

Fashion & Politics is an exploration of over 200 years of politics as expressed through fashion. In this setting, the term “politics” not only refers to the maneuverings of government, but also encompasses cultural change, sexual codes, and social progress. Fashion & Politics displays how, throughout history, fashion has been a medium for conveying political ideologies, as well as related social values by addressing such important themes as nationalism, feminism, and ethnic identity, as well as significant events and subcultural movements. Featuring more than 100 costumes, textiles, and accessories displayed in chronological order, Fashion & Politics reveals the rich history of politics in fashion.