2010 Pratt Institute Fashion Icon Award



I asked Kim to present me with this Icon Award as I have so much respect for Paper Magazine. I think Kim highlights the fashion community about all the creative aspects that help us to design a better world.  She has a very individual and free-spirt approach that make it very unique in the lanscape of fashion.  Thank you Kim to lead such a influential magazine that has become a reference.  Your friendship and word yesterday meant a lot to me.

I am so delighted and honored to be invited to present my friend Catherine Malandrino this wonderful FASHION ICON award. She deserves this award for so many reasons. And not just because Catherine makes sexy gorgeous clothes or that she is beautiful and glamorous and sexy herself. Not just because lots of stars love to wear her designs or because she’s become a star herself building such a super successful business with her wonderful partner in life and love Bernard. But because Catherine is a rare bird in this business called fashion.

In an industry that tends to reward hype, status and a “one day-youre-in-the-next-day-youre-out” state of mind, Catherine swims upstream. Both her designs and life reflect her natural generosity, joie de vivre and incredible enthusiasm for culture and people. And she expresses this in not only her collections but in how she handles her work and growing career with such responsibility and grace. She is one of the few established designers who has consistently embraced and demanded diversity on the runway and has dedicated herself to empowering and encouraging other women through her mentoring and teaching as well as collaborating with Mary J Bilge for The Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now.

Although the fashion industry is often built on trendiness, Catherine is no lemming. She held her first show in the NY ten years ago at the Apollo in Harlem when everyone who was anyone was showing either downtown or in Bryant Park. She is definitely French, eats steak frites and pate for lunch and her chic roots and femininity seep out in the seams of her clothes …. but at the same time, she adores her adopted home, America, and its culture, blemishes and all. And has over the years created wonderful clothes inspired by everything from the American flag to the Amish community to the pimp and ‘ho looks from one of her all time favorite movies Carwash.

I’ve always thought it was odd that in a business that is devoted to women there were so few of them in the drivers seat. So often women who are regarded as iconic in this industry are the muses, the mannequins, or the celebrities… It is less often that they’re celebrated for being the creators, entrepeneurs or designers of fashion. And so because of this, I am so happy and proud to introduce you to my friend, and now fashion icon, the wonderful Catherine Malandrino.

- Kim Hastreiter, Paper Magazine

With Kim Hastreiter of Paper Magazine


Kim Hastreiter of Paper Magazine, the President of the Pratt Institute Dr. Thomas F. Schutte, and me


With Iris Apfel


Bernard Aidan, Kim Halstreiter of Paper Magazine, Iris Apfel, Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine, and me.


With Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine


With Peter Barna, Concetta Stewart, and the President of the Pratt Institute Dr. Thomas F. Schutte


With Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, chairwoman of the Pratt Fashion Department; and Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine


With Bernard Aidan, Carol Pratt, and Mike Pratt


Accepting my award and presenting my speech


Hamish Bowles and Chris Drago


Phillip Bloc


Hal Rubenstein and Cindy Weber-Cleary